New “retro” collections

New “retro” collections retrieve the ON/OF toggle system making it topical again. At the three different commands series that compose the range, AVE combines front plates of noble materials in order to light up your style.

The innovation restarts from the past. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, the new “retro” collections reinterpret the way you turn on the light, retrieving the ON/OF toggle system and making it topical again.

The three different commands’ series, that compose the range, combine with front plates of noble materials.Three different proposals, each devoted to a different way of living and spaces’ interpreting:

  • New Style 44 in alluminium and glass is for simplicity lovers. Chrome-colored toggle controlS and ferrules fit on black and white glass front plates, or natural and anthracite brushed alluminium ones. It’s ideal for modern environments.
  • New Style 44 in Corian is dedicated to free spirits. The Corian luminous white of solid and durable front plates is reflected on the toggle controls marked by simple geometries. A modern evolution for genuine and minimalist open spaces.
  • England Style 44 in wood – the classic becomes eternal. It’s aimed at those who appreciate the quality and are looking for a noble detail for customize their classic or retro interiors. The true brass toggles are embedded in natural walnut wood surfaces.

All three proposals of “retro” range are available for both round and rectangular flush mounted boxes. Hidden behind the toggle controls, there are the best of AVE technology: electric diverters, buttons, rolling blind switches and switches with illuminated feedback status.


Alluminium Front plate Alluminium Front plate Glass Front plate
Glass Front plate Corian Front plate Wood Front plate