New Young Touch Series

Series with a young design that stands out from current market proposals through ultra-thin minimalist aesthetic lines and a wide range of finishes with unique three-dimensional effects.

AVE makes touch technology an everyday reality and bring it inside homes and buildings with Young Touch. Made of high quality polymer, Young Touch has a truly affordable prize and allows you to customize the rooms with a modern and technological touch.

Young Touch is a young Series, with ultra-thin design that fits the walls like a furnishing item. Young Touch has wide catalogue of 15 colours. Five of these variants adopt a revolutionary treatment called “3D COLOR“, an absolute innovation in this field that allows to get colours with an exclusive three-dimensional effectsmaintaining the same thin design. The three-dimensionality perception is also a feature which distinguishes the remaining 10 colour; in this case the result is obtained through a modern double-moulding techniques.

Young Touch Series is available with touch technology or in the traditional version, that involves the insertion of the components inside the finishing frames. Both variants have a complete series of front plates for 3, 4 and 7 modules of AVE Sistema44 Wiring Accessories Series. It’s therefore possible to realize mixed systems where Young Touch plates are inserted into the greater visibility points, while emergency lights and other devices can be completed with traditional front plates, creating a full integrated electric system.


YOUNG front plate - Havana YOUNG front plate - Ivory YOUNG front plate - 3D brushed beige YOUNG front plate - 3D white YOUNG front plate - White
YOUNG front plate - 3D clear carbon YOUNG front plate - 3D dark carbon YOUNG front plate - Ash YOUNG front plate - Plaster YOUNG front plate - Metallic grey
YOUNG front plate - Absolute black YOUNG front plate - 3D onix YOUNG front plate - Gold YOUNG front plate - Sand YOUNG front plate - Sage