IoT automation



With “Cyber Home” system, the world of home automation and IoT devices come together to enhance both tjeir peculiarities. The first IoT compatible system “Cyber Home” is born: a system, totally integrated with your home, always ready to listen to you and to meet your technological needs. 01. il-futuro-con-ave-cloud-1
02. domotica-iot-ready IoT automation: home becomes magic
Imagine a home that is always connected to your habits, that gives you a good morning when you wake up and it’s ready to protect what you love when you go away. You need only a smartphone, an internet connection and a bit of imagination, without further wiring in addition to home automation’s ones. The magic is called “Cyber Home”.
Voice commands: aks your Assistant
“Cyber Home” is compatible with the most popular Voice Assistants and related Smart Speakers allowing you to manage your home as you prefer. Do you want to turn on a light, raise the temperature or insert the alarm? Aks your Assistant. All home automation functions – even the most advanced ones – can also be controlled by voice.
03. controlli-vocali-chiedilo-al-tuo-assistente-1024x681
04. gestisci-la-tua-casa-da-telefono-e-smart-speaker Manage home by phone and Smart Speaker
Thanks to a new application you can control your “Cyber Home” system as if you were in front of the Touch screen. Do you want to concentrate everything in one app? Connect your system to the native app of your Assistant, so you can use smartphones and Smart Speakers to manage your IoT ecosystem (home automation and IoT devices).