Scenarios represent a sequence of actions Cyber Home can perform. Actions include managing any functional element that is under the control of the system. Scenarios can be started manually (by pressing a key on the wall, a touch screen button, a remote control button), at certain times of the day, when certain events occur (sunrise, sunset, rain, etc.).

Scenarios allow a certain sequence of routine actions to be automated, saving you time and the chance to forget something.


Sample scenarios:

Scenario „Going out” – when you leave your home

  • switches off all non-critical electrical appliances (forgotten hairdryer, TV, music system, cooker);
  • switches off gas supply (optional if you do not use gas for heating and hot water);
  • switches off all lights in the house;
  • switches off air-conditioning of the house;
  • switches off ventilation in the house;
  • closes all open windows / doors (if provided with electronic opening / closing) or warns for forgotten open windows / doors;
  • closes all exterior roller shutters;
  • drops all curtains and blinds;
  • activates the alarm system;

Scenario „Coming home” – activate it from your smartphone on the way home

  • switches on the air conditioning at a preset temperature;
  • switches on ventilation in the house;
  • switches on the supply of gas;
  • switches on the boiler;

After a certain time, according to your route and for how long you reach your home:

  • lifting all exterior roller shutters;
  • switches on the lights;
  • switches on the TV on a particular channel;
  • switches on the music system;
  • deactivates the alarm system;

Simulate presence

When you are away from home for a long period of time, the Cyber Home system can mimic a human presence. The script can be run at a specific time interval of the day or manually from your smartphone or tablet.

Optional simulation may include:

  • lighting and extinguishing lighting in certain rooms;
  • lifting and lowering roller shutters;
  • lifting and lowering curtains and blinds;
  • turn on or off a TV or audio system;

Thanks to integration with the CCTV system, you can always watch what’s happening in or around your home directly from your smartphone or tablet.