Main hotel automation features


Choose DOMINA Hotel means saving time and resources. In addition to increase the comfort for guests and help in the management of your hotel, the constant monitoring from reception lets you know at all times what is going on in your hotel and take prompt action to reduce disruptions. DOMINA Hotel also allows you to have always under control and optimize energy consumption. This means more satisfied customer, more efficient hotel and lower operating expenses.



Have you always dreamed a tailored hotel? AVE hotel automation ensures you a perfect aesthetic coordination between its device and the rest of wiring accessories. AVE’s plates are fully customizable and configurable according to your needs. Depending on the model, these plates can reproduce on their surfaces the hotel’s logo, the room number, and any other written, to give to your hotel an inimitable personal aesthetic touch. Plates and devices are available in various materials and finishes: from the economic technopolymer solutions, to the elegant glass and aluminium plates. Today the hotel of your dreams is no longer a dream.



AVE hotel management system isn’t only aesthetic, but also a guarantee of reliability. Each room can be monitored by the central computer at the reception but, in case of computer failure, everything continues to work as before. While you’re waiting for fixing the problem, you only lose the remote monitoring of the rooms.

The system gives its best when it works completely, but each device continues to do his job alone if the others fail. Moreover, in addition to being connected to the main network, each room works as a stand-alone unit: no failure will get ever out of service the whole hotel.




The DOMINA Hotel system is easily adapted to all needs, both in terms of cost and performance. Anyone who manages a small hotel will find a simple and economic system, which is suited to no much sophisticated needs. Increasing the size of hotel, the system can meet growing needs up to the total monitoring of rooms and areas.

And for those who plan to grow, with a few updates, AVE’s system will follow the growth of the structure, without having to remake what has already been done. DOMINA Hotel always preserves your investments.




AVE’s hotel devices are at your service to assure guest maximum comfort during his stay. The thermostat is easy to use and highly intuitive, allowing he to adjust the temperature in his room. The reporting system allows the customer to decide always when he could be disturbed. No attendant will wake guest up or open his door by mistake. The remote control gives the customer the ability to activate functions (loads) while he is comfortably sitting or lying.