Security and safety functions

Hotel automation means comfort, but also security on multiple levels. Hotel safety is actually one of the elements that more than any other must be ensured, both for guests and for the structure itself.

Thanks to its extreme flexibility and scalability, the range of DOMINA Hotel functions can be further expanded through the Web Server device and the DOMINA Plus Touch Screens that serve as evolved command centers to advanced features in addition to offering a high aesthetic solution. The security-dedicated functions are:


AVE offers an exclusive and technological room access control system for hotel that perfectly matches with the other electrical devices. This system consists of two types of appliances: the external reader and the internal one, whose union born a highly advanced room access control system, a secure flexible and reliable solution that allows operators to monitor all access to any rooms and so to have the total control on the structure, its employees or also to create spa packages for guests.

The integrated MIFARE® technology in fact enable the generation of card with a higher level of security and allows to incorporate advanced services inside them (such as the ability to insert third parts’ payment systems into the AVE card) with a premier reading performance. Depending on how they are configured and installed, AVE readers are able to work both in stand-alone mode or in networked solution in order to meet the different system and installation requirements.


The AVE’s reader devices can concretely optimize the facilities for guests. Boasting a simple and intuitive operation, the customer will only approach or insert the card into the reader to open the door, while service status and “do not disturb” function (activated by a button inside the hotel room) will be conveniently displayed on the external reader through the dedicated LED.

The activation of loads and room service will be enabled only in the presence of an authorized card, so the structure can benefit from a greater energy savings and a further degree of safety preventing the occurrence of short circuits in the unoccupied rooms.

The flexibility of the Hotel DOMINA system allows to exploit the card readers in different environments like garage or service areas – for example – in order to inhibit the access to staff only, or also in paid areas thus allowing the formulation of wellness packages only to enabled card or through scalable credits based on the number of entries.




The integration between DOMINA Antintrusione and AVE automation systems allows you to exponentially increase the security degree of your hotel. Using appropriate communication interfaces you can always keep an eye on the map of your rooms and, in the event of an alarm, get an immediate indication of the source: an effective solution for the supervision of your goods and the safety of customers.





The DOMINA plus automation system allows you to continuously monitor in real time your hotel viewing all the environments which are installed IP cams directly from the touch screen or remotely through a special internet service. Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the AVE home automation, the number of supervised environments is practically unlimited. Through a special configuration, the system allows you to integrate into the system also traditional analog video cameras, so you can easily update your previous system avoiding the purchase of new devices and more burdensome costs.



Result of the most modern technological developments in the field of fire safety, DOMINA Antincendio Fire detection system is able to best protect all types of hotels. Its seamless integration with the hotel management system of AVE also allows the hotel to experience the benefits derived from the combination of these two systems.

With the DOMINA Hotel system it is possible to display and fully control the automatic fire detection control units. This means that the operator is able to constantly have an eye on any hazards detected by the special optical smoke detectors directly from the reception’s computer.


Through two models of central, wire/radio mixed, DOMINA Antincendio Fire detection system guarantees high standards in terms of reliability and safety. The system developed by AVE stands out for its ease of installation and configuration. With the default programming is indeed possible to immediately start to experience the benefits and flexibility of the DOMINA Antincendio.

Through a dedicated software you can set all parameters, from the simplest to the most advanced, in order to shape this system to suit your needs. The flexibility of the system and its integration with the DOMINA Hotel system makes it therefore suitable for both small and large hotel reality allowing to expand the number of devices (detectors, modules and bases, control units, …) simply, avoiding higher costs than no mixed solutions.




In case of fire DOMINA Hotel and DOMINA Antincendio are able to communicate with each other via a dedicated LAN interface that will send their reports on the supervision PC. These visual signals are always accompanied by a sound and stand out for their extreme immediacy and easy reading.

A pop-up window will appear in fact on the reception computer indicating to the operator all the information related to the alert type so to put him in conditions to promptly act to call the rescue, evacuate the building or, in case of fault, switch off the signal and contact the support. The union of the fire alarm system and hotel automation so arises an even more advanced and reliable system, which increases safety both for hotels and for guests.





DOMINA Hotel monitors and thwarts all the events that can damage your hotel. Installing AVE’s hotel management system you have an advanced control unit that continuously monitors on your property to prevent dangerous leaks of water and gas.

If you experience a leak inside a room or a service one, the system will limit the loss promptly, while on the reception display you will come warned by an appropriate pop-up window in order to allow you to remedy quickly and minimize disruptions to guests.




Indispensable in the kitchen area as in boiler rooms, the gas leak detector is a device able to detect the presence of gas in the environment where is installed. When the gas concentration exceeds a pre-set threshold (set at the factory), the detector will trigger the alarm optically and acoustically.

When the detector is in alarm a relay commands the closing of the main valve blocking the gas flow. Using the alarm transmitter, the signal can be sent from the detector to the supervision devices in order to promptly alert the staff.





By means of a probe installed flush with the floor, the water leak detector allows to take over a flooding caused by a water loss. When the water reaches the probe, the detector signals the alarm optically and acoustically; via a special output relay IT can also control the closing of the main valve blocking the water flow.

Also in this case using the alarm transmitter, the signal can be sent from the detector to the PC placed into reception indicating the point of origin in order to have a report of alarms updated in real time and intervene promptly avoiding more expensive maintenance.





Inside hotels, the safety is essential. Through DOMINA Hotel, AVE has been able to expand the meaning of this term presenting a range of solutions that enable an instant and high intuitive Emergency Calls Supervision System.

Taking advantage of the characteristic “bus” architecture of hotel automation, AVE allows the creation of an evolved Emergency Calls Supervision System that integrates local terminals for calling and reset, optical-acoustic signals devices, supervisory terminals or the hotel management software.




Each time the guest activates a local call by acting on the cord operated push-button, this one is addressed on the hotel automation “bus” that almost simultaneously sends an optical-acoustic signal outside the door and to the general one. So the intervention times are halved and it’s ensured the maximum safety for the guest.In addition to general and local signals, when the guest makes an emergency call, the system software is able to record the event in the “Alarm list” identifying the date and time and representing on the screen the room where the guest is located.

AVE’s home automation and hotel management software will also allow you to store all the events that have affected the Emergency Calls Supervision System by recording the time and date of each call, local optical-acoustic silencing or general reset. In case of a failure or a malfunction, the system is able to advise the need of maintenance.



DOMINA Hotel allows you to create two types of Emergency Calls Supervision Systems:


Suitable for small hotels and B&B, this solution allows you to check the hotel through practical customizable graphical maps. Viewed using the DOMINA plus Touch Screen or via web pages generated by the Web Server device, graphical maps are able to return a representation of the building thus allowing you to easily view the status of every single room and manage the system directly from the display. In the networked solution the call is directly managed by room control unit which is constantly supervised by the hotel management software. If the guest makes an emergency call, in addition to the external signal, the system sends a graphical signal on the reception display through a pop-up window where you will see the distress call and the caller’s room number, accompanied by a dedicated acoustic signal.


In a field where safety and reliability are paramount, AVE’s Emergency Calls Supervision System represents an effective answer that can ensure high standards in both these terms.