Ventilation functions


Including into the hotel a ventilation system is not only a conscious choice to safeguard the health of people in it, but it is a choice that can also be useful for the optimal preservation of the building itself. Using an appropriate ventilation system, we can in fact prevent several disorders such as allergies, asthma, burning eyes, headaches, excessive sweating, especially for people in which these disorders can be considerably more accentuated as children and the elderly with difficulty breathing.


The building itself can benefit from proper ventilation to prevent the creation of mold, condensation and excessive temperature that could affect the structure generating huge problems and costs (sick building syndrome). This theme has worsened recently with the use of insulating materials that increasing the degree of isolation at the expense of of the old buildings’ natural ventilation (infiltration through frames), which offered an internal air exchange.



To provide a concrete answer to these problems, AVE proposes a wide range of devices dedicated to ventilation, solutions that ensure a perfect air exchange into rooms that are generally less spacious and airy as bathroom or bedroom, but also devices designed for larger environments such as hall, lobby or corridors.

Perfectly coordinated with the AVE Sistema 44 Wiring Accessories Series, these products exhibit characteristics able to ensure maximum comfort and air quality control according to the target environment. Through integration with DOMINA Hotel, the hotels can also benefit from a solution that allows the hotelier to manage remotely air exchange in each room or aerate all rooms where are installed these devices simply with a click from the reception PC.

The latter solution is very useful after long periods of closure, but also in daily management. Directly from the display can be timing the aeration of unoccupied rooms without have to employ personnel – therefore costs – to open the windows of each room.



The range of axial fans, which includes the lines “Axial”, “Elical Top”, “Elical”, “Grid” and “Flucso” was designed to expel stale air directly outside or through short ducts. These systems are ideal to ensure air exchange in bathrooms, toilets and small/medium size environments.

The centrifugal fans “FLOo” and mixed-flow fans “ELIFLUS” are developed for a more “powerful ventilation system”, capable of overcoming the pressure generated by long ducts thus being more suitable for larger rooms like corridors.




Through the integration with home automation, the hotel management system can be expanded further by proposing different units of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV). These devices can guarantee a perfect and automatic air recirculation in combination with very low power consumption.

The home automation system is able to communicate with the CMV’s system giving information about required quantity of air recirculation in function to the real environmental conditions detected by sensors. Moreover – thanks to the Scenarios function – the integration with the CMV’s systems allows an automatic management depending on the various occasions.

Home automation DOMINA plus allows you to check the efficiency of the system itself. For example by giving information of the need to replace the filters, signalling when the outside temperature is too cold and the consequent risk of rupture. A quality solution for air and hotel’s guests.