Subsidiary coordinated functions

Different applications with the same design. Thanks to their modern and refined design, the Ave’s solutions for hotel automation control can easily come into any furnishing context. Aesthetically coordinated among themselves, these solutions can be combined also with the different AVE Wiring accessories series.

AVE’s catalogue has more than 200 functions and sockets of different standards. AVE is able to adapt positively to any furnishing and interior design.









Fitted with safety device against overload, the shaver socket developed by AVE brings the comfort and well design in the bathroom.








Equipped with long-life LED and charging base, this emergency lamp is the removable and portable solution against blackouts. Glass front plate VERA 44 customizable with hotel’s logo.








AVE offers a wide range of warnings with interchangeable and customizable symbols. Front plate AVE Touch customizable with hotel’s logo.







Used for integration into hallways, stairs or escape routes, AVE steplight is a discrete and never invasive solution. PERSONAL 44 front plate customizable by the user through an online software.








Available with red and green diffuser, prominent lampholder (outside door) is designed for lamps E10. Prominent lampholder (outside door) with red diffuser. Glass front plate VERA 44 (LIFE 44) customizable with hotel’s logo.




In any hotel, safety must come first. From the experience and the research of AVE are thus born the sliding hidden socket, devices that aim to revolutionize the electrical system with a solution that integrates design, technology and high safety standards.

This system is AVE patented and is able to literally “slip” the plate on the socket, thus ensuring greater protection against possible accidents for the guests, particularly with regard to children. Installing these devices, the structure is safer both for these kind of unforeseen and against accidental short circuits.





The hidden sliding plates have been developed to meet the most sophisticated needs of interior design. Their simple lines are coordinated with the electrical system that integrates into any environment and furnishing solution. The exclusive use of different materials means a range of different elegant solutions.

Aluminium and glass are arranged to cover the electrical socket with distinction and refinement, while from the back of the plate a gently glowing LED reveals the plug symbol, making it instantly recognizable even in dark conditions and ensuring reduced consumption as well as a long life.

The hidden sliding plates offer then a concrete answer to guests’ needs and to the structures that in this way can reach a perfect aesthetic coherence with the rest of the electrical system.


Presa-a-scomparsa-nera-AVE-Domotica-Hotel-1 Presa-a-scomparsa-bianca-AVE-Domotica-Hotel
“LIVE Touch”
Sliding plate for cover socketsblank
“DOMUS Touch”
Sliding plate for cover sockets