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Elegant crystal, aluminium or polymer plates are only the modern face of DOMINA Hotel technology. The solutions to the hotel room aren’t limited to the simple aesthetics.

Characterized by a fully customizable design the AVE front plates hide some real technological jewels able to raise the hotel value and return to the hotel’s guests an excellent service that combines comfort, safety, convenience and design.


Termoregolazione-ventilazione-domotica-hotel-3 THERMOREGULATION

The advanced hotel management system allows you to independently manage the heating and air conditioning systems for each room.

After inserting the card into the internal card reader, the guest will be able to adjust the temperature in complete autonomy.
DOMINA Hotel is able to recognize the guest’s absence and set the temperature and the ventilation on a “comfort” level in order to minimize energy waste and increase the security.

Risparmio-energetico-AVE-Domotica-Hotel ENERGY SAVINGS

AVE’s solutions for hotel management have been thought to ensure maximum comfort for guests and help the hotelier to minimize energy consumption. Detected the guest’s absence in the room, the system is designed:

  • to disconnect non-essential loads, such as those relating to lighting or temperature control
  • to identify the presence of open windows and switch off automatically air conditioning systems
Lettori-card-interni-ed-esterni CARD READERS

AVE offers a reliable access control system perfectly coordinated with the rest of the electrical system and personalized with the hotel’s logo and the room’s number. Available both in traditional version or with touch technology, internal and external readers are able to manage:

  • the all access functions
  • the functions related to the occupancy status
  • the “do not disturb” function
Comandi-illuminazione-Domotica-hotel LIGHTING COMMANDS

Today AVE is able to offer a wide catalogue of proposals dedicated to lighting. Solutions that can be integrated to the advanced DOMINA Hotel system to control:

  • the management of lights and light intensity level
  • an automatic management of the courtesy lights
  • the timed switch-off of lighting
  • the fault signalling to the system
Comando-tapparelle-tende-motorizzate-Domotica-hotel-1 MOTORIZED SHUTTERS AND BLINDS CONTROL

It’s enough to press a button, touch or tap a glass plate, to command the movement of shutters or motorized blinds. If connected to the hotel network DOMINA Hotels, is thus possible:

  • to control the shutters or motorized blinds
  • to control the motorized window frames
Gestione-scenari-Domotica-Hotel-2 SCENARIOS MANAGEMENT

Especially recommended for those hotels who want to devote only the best to their guests, the Scenarios feature allows you to create inside the rooms the perfect atmosphere to relax.

Through Touch Screen the user can set or play the room scenarios that involve simultaneously various functions such as thermoregulation, lighting, blinds and sound diffusion systems.