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Into the bathroom the hotel management system developed by Ave increases as well as comfort, also the security level. Through the appropriate probes and DOMINA Hotel‘s devices it’s in fact able to maintain always under control this local in order to avoid water leaks, energy waste and ensure an optimal air exchange and an adequate temperature in each season. Ave’s hotel automation is therefore much more than an aid for hotels that may benefit from a greater level both of security and management, and economic savings.


Termoregolazione-ventilazione-domotica-hotel-3 THERMOREGULATION

In the bathroom, DOMINA Hotel offers the opportunity to fully manage all aspects related to thermoregulation. Guests can take advantage of a highly integrated system that returns the maximum comfort while reducing energy waste.

By means of an environmental sensor that detects the temperature inside the room, the guest can thus easily control the degree of heat according to their needs through a thermostat.

Risparmio-energetico-AVE-Domotica-Hotel ENERGY SAVINGS

With DOMINA Hotel Ave has developed an intelligent hotel management system that reduces energy expenditure. Thanks to appropriate probes and sensors, DOMINA Hotel is able:

  • to detect the presence of any opened windows and turn off immediately the air conditioning or heating systems
  • to detect the presence of guests and disconnect the loads in their absence
Aspiratori-domotica-hotel VACUUM MANAGEMENT

Ave offers a wide range of devices dedicated to ventilation, the union with the hotel management system can ensure:

  • a perfect air recycling
  • reduced power consumption thanks to an intelligent actuating according to the guest’s presence
  • reporting of any system’s failure
  • a remote management and timing of all aspirators connected to the network
Fughe-di-acqua-Domotica-hotel_ WATER LEAKS

DOMINA Hotel is able to recognize any water leaks inside the bathroom. In fully automatic mode the system will appropriately limit the fault:

  • going to close the main valve
  • interrupting the electricity delivery in order to prevent the occurrence of possible short circuits
  • alerting the front desk by an alarm
Comandi-illuminazione-Domotica-hotel LIGHTING

Ave front plates allows to embellish the bathroom and increase the quality of service. Thanks to the advanced hotel management system DOMINA Hotel is possible:

  • to manually manage the bathroom lights
  • to automate the control of light and courtesy lights through a special presence sensor
tirante-bagno-Domotica-hotel CORD OPERATED PUSH-BUTTON

The Emergency Call System developed by Ave finds its natural application in rooms such as the bathroom.

In case of illness, the guest simply acting on the cord operated push-button can make an emergency call.
Optical and acoustic signals will be displayed on the front display, accompanied by information such as the room’s number.

Presa-coordinata-per-rasoi-1 SAFETY AND COMFORT

DOMINA Hotel has many coordinated applications specifically designed to ensure the best comfort. Inside the bathroom the guest can find a practical shaver socket. Being provided with a self-protection device against overload, this socket is able to significantly reduce the risk of electrical overload, thereby increasing the safety for the guest and the structure itself.