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Through advanced DOMINA Hotel system you can increase the comfort and enhance safety into wellness areas, gyms, swimming pools and spas. Usually used for recreation and relaxation, these environments represent a business card for those hotels that want to reserve only the best to its guests. But it’s difficult to manage these areas.

Therefore, safety and comfort must be guaranteed and DOMINA Hotel is able to do this. Ave’s hotel automation embodies a system on human scale able to translate these areas into real opportunities for both guests and hotel itself, which can present itself with optimized facilities.


limitazione-accessi-Domotica-hotel EXTERNAL CARD READERS

With DOMINA Hotel safety is foregrounded. Adopting the contactless technology Mifare®, access cards are completely reliable – un-clonable – and the card readers allow you to make the entry only if you’re authorized. Therefore, hotels can increase further their security level, but they can also restrict the access to certain areas only to staff or, even more, to arrange optional wellness packages for guests.

Supervisione-Domotica-hotel EMERGENCY CALLS SUPERVISION

Turkish bath, saunas or spas increase the risks, but DOMINA Hotel can ensure a high degree of safety. If a client feels unwell and press the emergency push button, the hotel management system will send:

  • an optical-acoustic signals to the PC located in reception
  • an optical-acoustic signals to local PC
Fughe-di-acqua-Domotica-hotel_ WATER LEAKS

In the lounge areas, water is essential. Many hotels have swimming pools, emotional showers; thus the risk of failure to pipes is an eventuality to keep in mind. In the event of water leaks, DOMINA Hotel will act automatically:

  • to close the main valve and avoid unnecessary waste
  • to interrupt the electricity preventing the risk of short circuits
  • to report the failure to the reception with optical-acoustic alarms
Termoregolazione-ventilazione-domotica-hotel-3 THERMOREGULATION

DOMINA Hotel can fully and independently manage heating and air-conditioning. Depending on the operated mode, the system allows you:

  • to adjust manually the desired temperature through a thermostat
  • to set remotely the temperature or inhibit the loads in order to limit energy waste when the environment is empty

Thanks to home automation supervisors you can remotely control the Controlled Mechanical Ventilation systems (CMV) in the wellness areas:

  • automating the air recycling according to the detected environmental conditions
  • avoiding the creation of excessive humidity and the consequent creation of mold and diseases for customers
  • receiving information of the need to replace filters or system’s efficiency
Comandi-illuminazione-Domotica-hotel CONTROLS AND ACTUATORS

Thanks to the advanced hotel automation controls designed by Ave you can give a modern touch to your hotel rooms and turn on or off:

  • lights of showers
  • lights of various environments
  • whirlpool of baths or swimming pools