Hotel automation systems

The hotel management system of Domina Hotel, owned by AVE Italy, is a functional and flexible solution for hotel automation, providing customers with comfort and comfort, and investors – reducing maintenance costs and full control over all hotel processes.

ASM is the official representative of AVE for the territory of Bulgaria. Our team of experts provides complete engineering of the objects – design, delivery and programming of systems that are fully in line with the client’s wishes.

Key Features and Benefits of the Hotel Management System

♦ Equipment of the central control room and separate reception areas.
♦ Software for hotel control and management.
♦ Optimize and reduce hotel maintenance costs.
♦ Flexibility when configuring and using.
Modern advanced module technology.
♦ Easy and safe to use.
♦ Top-level access control using Mifare Transponder technology.
♦ New style and Italian design.
♦ Building a modular principle that makes it easy to upgrade.
♦ High quality – Made in Italy, AVE S.p.a.


When implementing a hotel automation system, the client receives:

♦ Real-time preview of the status of each room: rented / free.
♦ Attendance of a guest in the room and mode set by him (do not worry, eg).
♦ Presence of staff in the room: maid, guard, maintenance, etc. – time of stay of staff and working regime in the rooms.
♦ Current condition of the room: cleaned / uncleaned.
♦ Real-time control of thermoregulation, lighting, automatic blinds, curtains, doors, etc.
♦ Central regulation of local parameters – set min. thermoregulation control values, use of a safe, mini bar, etc.
♦ Timely receipt of technical alarms: flood, lack of power supply, open door / window, critical temperature etc
♦ Timely receipt of SOS alarm by the customer.
♦ Easy and quick registration of a guest – predefined access and corresponding rights to use of various amenities offered by the hotel: SPA, fitness, swimming pool, etc.
♦ Easily and quickly deregister a guest and prepare a final account when leaving the hotel.
♦ Remote control by authorized users at any time from anywhere via Internet access.

Software with rich functionality, extremely easy to operate, providing detailed room / zone status information, staff control, and system operating modes.

hotel automation software

External Reader Functionality:

♦ Access control for a hotel system: When presenting a valid card, the door is unlocked and the interior lighting illuminates.
♦ An unlocked door indication.
♦ Indication of indoor lighting ON / OFF.
♦ Indication of the presence of the guest in the room.
♦ Do not worry me.
♦ Bell Button.

The functions of each external reader are programmed according to its purpose:

♦ The client with a valid card has access always;
♦ The maid only has access when the client is absent. Under “do not worry”, the bell button is inactive;
♦ In case of emergency, a security officer can open the door at any time to help;
♦ Service spaces: Customer access is prohibited in this area; only authorized employees have the right to enter;
♦ Common parts: access rights have all valid hotel maps (hotel entrance door, bar, etc.);
♦ Prepaid access: opening doors to SPA, fitness and more. the extras offered by the hotel.


Internal Reader Functionality:

♦ Turn the room lights on / off.
♦ Power on / off.
♦ Switching on / off the heating / cooling system.
♦ Multifunction key for activating functions:
– For the client: “do not worry me”
– For the maid: “the room is cleaned”
– For security: “Checked”
♦ Stop thermoregulation when windows are open for a certain time (10 sec.).
♦ Indication of a valid card inserted.

After proper programming, the functionality of the internal reader allows:

♦ Saving electricity on the whole hotel as well as in individual rooms: The internal reader allows the lighting, power supply and room temperature regulation only when a valid card is inserted.
♦ Safety: If the room is empty, all electrical consumers are switched off to avoid any possibility of accidents (short circuit, for example).

Functionality of the thermostat:

♦ Temperature control in day and night mode.
♦ Stop the thermoregulation when windows or doors are open for a certain time (eg 10s). This saves energy and saves the air conditioners from unnecessary on / off.
♦ High precision of the measured temperature (maximum error of 0.3°C).
♦ Automatic change of the winter / summer seasons.
♦ Control of electromagnetic valves.
♦ Managing three speed converters.

* Energy Efficiency Example: At night, you can save energy at 2°C from the set day temperature. Since this surgery is done at night, it aims to save energy without the client knowing and feeling discomfort.