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The external areas are a great business card for hotels. Green areas such as gardens and tree-lined avenues, as pools as porticos are spaces that increase the value of the hotel, but on the other these areas require the employment of many members of staff – therefore time and resources – to tend them adequately.

Thanks to its incredible scalability and flexibility, DOMINA Hotel system helps to simplify the management of these areas and to create a real intelligent automated system that reduces the number of required employees, increases the hotels security and decreases consumption.


Irrigazione-spazi-verdi-domotica-hotel WATERING

DOMINA Hotel allows you to irrigate the green areas depending on weather conditions or at certain times through:

  • manually activate/disconect each single watering zone directly from the reception PC
  • watering the garden using personalized programs and only when it’s required
  • disconection of watering systems in the case of bad weater in order to avoid water waste
Antintrusione-Domotica-hotel ANTI-INTRUSION ALARM

Thanks to the supervisor devices such as Web Server and Touch Screens, you can increase the security of your hotel expanding the range of functions that can be managed from the hotel automation through:

  • the management of wired/radio anti-intrusion systems designed by AVE
  • the identification of an unauthorized access
  • the indentification of opened doors or windows
Comandi-illuminazione-Domotica-hotel LIGHTING

Using DOMINA Hotel also the lighting control of outdoor areas can become even more simple and intuitive. Through integration with the hotel automation system, the employee is able:

  • to manually activate the lights
  • to time the lighting according to time slots or light/movement sensors
  • to time the activation of lamps like neon signs, lights for swimming pools, fountains or ponds
Sbrinamento-viali-carrabili-domotica-hotel-1 ALLEYWAY’S DEFROSTING

DOMINA Hotel brings comfort also ouside the walls of the structure allowing the creation or real intelligent automation as:

  • manual defrosting of alleyways or vehicular lanes through a special switch
  • automatic activation of antifreeze systems for vehicular avenues through the appropriate probes
limitazione-accessi-Domotica-hotel GARAGE CARD READERS

Thanks to built-in technology, AVE’s card readers can be installed even in garage. You can program the same card used to room’s access also to entry into the garage. Simply approaching the card to the reader located outside the garage, the client can open the overhead door or drive up the gate bar. As well as be comfortable for the user, this service also ensures a greater safety for the hotel that can comfortably view on the reception display every access.