Living room

The “Cyber home” system increases comfort in the living-room. This room is usually used for several activities and it enables to manage the room in different ways, such as for a party, a dinner with friends or to watch a film or read a book. The home automation system allows to save a particular combination of commands or configurations and use a scenario to recall the setting selected for that special occasion.


Dimming light

– manual light dimming
– automatic light dimming by the “relax” scenario
– activation of accessory lights (such as glass cupboards, shelves with ornaments) in particular time periods or via the “party with friends” scenario


– management of independent temperature control of each single zone with energy saving depending on how the room is used

Burglar alarm system

– an expandable burgler alarm system, manageable and remote programmable. Perfectly integrated into the system and supervised by the touch screen

Scenarios and monitoring of the system

– multiple commands that manage different set function at the same time
– general supervision control system with touch screen and PC with special software

Monitoring the system via touch screen

– enable to control the whole house and manage all automated equipment and functions of eash single room – from switching on the lights to video-control via web

Energy saving

– monitoring of consumptions

Controls and actuators
  • Centralised light control
  • Lamp control
  • Centralised roller shutters control
Our solutions functions:
  • Management of energy control and load disconnection
  • Activation of lights
  • Activation of dimmable lights
  • Motorised roller shutters/windows control
  • Thermoregulation
  • Sound diffusion
  • System monitoring via touch screen for control of energy consumptions
  • Web video-control
  • Anti-intrusion alarm
  • “Film watch”,“Party with friends”, etc. scenario
  • Radio controls for automation
  • Home automation video door entry system