In the room used as a kitchen, “Cyber home” enables the safe control of technical alarms for water and gas leaks. With the home automation system the room is safe and protected against the effects of an inadequate management of water or gas leaks.

Gas leaks

– close the main gas supply valve to stop leakage
– cut electricity off to avoid short circuits and fire
– automatically open windows and skylights to ventilate the room
– locally warn the user that a technical alarm is under way
– remotely warn the user that a technical alarm is under way

Load control management

– electric energy companies have introduced a new system to manage energy costs which is based on time periods. Home automation enables a rational management of energy through the use of household appliances in the most suitable time periods and prevents the main switch from disconnecting because of overloading

Relax scenarios

– possibility to customize control of multiple commands in order to create a relaxing ambience by controlling temperature, lighting and sound diffusion