Double bedroom

Monitoring the system via touch screen

– home automation means above all comfort and thanks to the centralized monitoring by Touch screen devices,this is a real advantage for everyday life.These devices enable to control the whole house and manage all automated equipment and functions of each single room, from switching on the lights to video-control via web
– the Touch Screen devices enable to visually check the inside and outside of your home remotely to make sure no one has entered your home or no damages caused by weather have occurred

Controls and actuators

– centralised light control
– lamp control
– centralised roller shutters control

Burglar alarm system

– an expandable burglar alarm system , manageable and remote programmable. Perfectly integrated into the system and supervised by the touch screen

Sound diffusion

– with the home automation system, it is possible to choose from your bedroom which sound source you want to listen to and adjust the sound in order to create the desired ambience without moving to the place where the stereo system is installed. This is also possible by means of customized scenarios

Dimmable lights

– manual light dimming
– automatic light dimming by the“relax”scenario
– activation of accessory lights (such as glass cupboards, shelves with ornaments) in particular time periods or via the “party with friends”scenario