About us

ACM Ltd is the official representative of AVE Italia, a leader in the automation of houses, hotels, offices and restaurants (Smart House, Smart Hotel, Smart Office).


ACM is a private Bulgarian trading company, founded in 1996. The company is an authorized distributor for Bulgaria of 3M (USA), Eaton (USA), Delixi Electric (China), AVE (Italy), Flir (USA) and Baur .
The company has sales offices and warehouses in Sofia, Stara Zagora and Varna.

ACM is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Electrical Engineering and Electronics – BASEL.
Our main competitive advantage is the experience of sales and the provision of ancillary services. Thanks to the hard work of his team, ACM has won a reputation as one of the most reliable and at the same time the most aggressive Bulgarian commercial companies in the electric and telecommunication sector.
We provide our partners with the latest technical information, presentations, free training and installation of the electrical and telecommunication products we offer.


Consultancy, delivery and service of high quality and innovative solutions in the field of insulation materials and electrical equipment.


Preferred provider of products and services.


The care for our future includes actions such as social responsibility towards potential, current and former employees. As an ethical and reputable company, ACM adheres to human rights and labor law laws and expects ethical attitude from its employees.
We listen to everyone’s opinions and try to create an interesting, productive and enjoyable work environment.

To achieve our goals, our employees are guided primarily by the following principles:

  • The company’s prosperity and stability depend on its clients. Therefore, the CLIENT is the center of attention of the company. Each employee in the company strives to satisfy the customer’s requirements and to increase his satisfaction with the use of the products.
  • Guaranteeing prosperity, competitiveness, maintaining market positions and increasing sales is high professionalism. Therefore, products are offered in an appropriate way, providing professional advice, appropriate delivery and training to end users that will meet their requirements and expectations.