The Cyber Home System is a modern solution with exceptional functionality. It is an example of a successful combination of advanced technology and high standards in building automation of homes, houses, villas, hotels, offices and restaurants. Made in Italy, decorative panels have guaranteed quality, they bring a sense of comfort, style and luxury. The system provides exceptional efficiency in terms of security, energy efficiency, management and control of the processes in the site from the neighboring room, as well as from another city and even a country!

System functions can be controlled, expanded or changed at any time via the Touch Screen – the heart of the Cyber Home system. On the screen there is a drawing plan of the dwelling, as well as buttons for direct access to all the functions of the system. Through the plan, you can choose any single room where you can manage each of them by means of a set of icons indicating the available functions and devices for that room.

The “Cyber Home” system provides:

♦ High level of security and protection;
♦ Convenient and simplified management of the systems in the house
(electrical, heating / cooling, irrigation, water, gas, etc.);
♦ Permanent monitoring and management over the Internet or GSM network;
♦ Notification of emerging events – burglary, flood, fire,
by simultaneous signal input
to certain services and via SMS or email to the owner.

The Cyber Home system is built on a modular basis, meaning that customers themselves determine what system characteristics they want to take advantage of and how much they want automation according to their budget decisions.

The main components of the system are:

♦ Security
♦ Operability
♦ Mobile connectivity
♦ Feedback

When integrating key components, customers receive:

♦ Energy efficiency
♦ Security
♦ Mobile connectivity
♦ Comfort
♦ Italian elegant design