New “retro” collections

New “retro” collections retrieve the ON/OF toggle system making it topical again. At the three different commands series that compose the range, AVE combines front plates of noble materials in order to light up your style.

The innovation restarts from the past. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, the new “retro” collections reinterpret the way you turn on the light, retrieving the ON/OF toggle system and making it topical again.

The three different commands’ series, that compose the range, combine with front plates of noble materials.Three different proposals, each devoted to a different way of living and spaces’ interpreting:

  • New Style 44 in alluminium and glass is for simplicity lovers...
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New Young Touch Series

Series with a young design that stands out from current market proposals through ultra-thin minimalist aesthetic lines and a wide range of finishes with unique three-dimensional effects.

AVE makes touch technology an everyday reality and bring it inside homes and buildings with Young Touch. Made of high quality polymer, Young Touch has a truly affordable prize and allows you to customize the rooms with a modern and technological touch.

Young Touch is a young Series, with ultra-thin design that fits the walls like a furnishing item. Young Touch has wide catalogue of 15 colours. Five of these variants adopt a revolutionary treatment called “3D COLOR“, an absolute innovation in this field that allows to get colours with an exclusive three-dimensional effectsmaintaining the same thi...

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Allumia Touch Series

Ave reinterprets the innovative modular concealed Ave Touch to create the “Allumia Touch”, a revolutionary range of products in a new shade capable of giving the home a modern personality and a refined exclusive atmosphere to every room.

Allumia Touch includes a complete range of traditional switches resistant to scratching and fingerprints, coloured shiny grey/silver obtained by surface painting and different types of touch panels of perfectly coordinated different materials.

Flexible and completely scalable, Allumia Touch is therefore able to meet a number of requirements, offering the possibility of choosing either a premium touch panel made of aluminium or a metal panel of the more economical technopolymer version which can be substituted even after the wiring has been installed th...

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Domus Touch Series

Created through the close cooperation between Ave and installers the Domus Touch wiring accessories, was conceived entirely to facilitate the work of the installer and satisfy the needs of maximum quality, reliability, practicality and speed of installation, evolved design and new aesthetic ideas.

Domus Touch comes in a highly innovative form from the viewpoint of technology and design. It is produced with refined materials and displays great precision in the moulding of the plastic, plus extra strong terminals, mechanisms tested for thousands of movements and the superb quality of all the components.

Every detail of Domus Touch has been designed and tested to minimise installation time and costs and at the same time to ensure the maximum in safety and quality: all the equipment has a dept...

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