The “Cyber ​​Home” system allows you to control all the lights in your home. Along with normal switching on and off, it is also possible to dimming the lights /smoothly adjusting the light intensity/. Different types of lighting (halogen, luminescent, energy-saving, LED) are governed by a different principle. In the case of lighting of this type, it is necessary to select dimmable lamps.
The “Cyber ​​Home” system allows you to maintain the usual lighting control. The way of operation of all the keys remains unchanged, and every guest can use the traditional way of management he is used to. At the same time, the system also offers a number of other options – activating scenarios for lighting, switching on / off the lights in the home, simulating presence by switching on/off certain luminaires, remote control over your mobile phone or tablet, and many others.
One of the comforts offered by the Cyber ​​Home System is the ability to create lighting scenarios. So at the touch of a button, you can completely change the lighting in your home.
If you’ve often wondered if you turned off the lamp in a room when leaving home, be comfortable – thanks to the Cyber ​​Home System, you can turn off the lights in the entire home with a single command locally or remotely from your mobile phone or tablet.
Thanks to the sensors offered, the Cyber Home system can automatically adjust the room illumination by compensating for insufficient light coming from outside. This achieves a certain level of illumination with minimal power consumption.
The ability to control a lighting from different locations is no longer a privilege for the staircase or corridor. Thanks to the “Cyber Home” system, you can control every luminaire from anywhere in the home. Thus, with a key in the bedroom next to the bed, you can control the lighting in the bedroom, the night lamp, the hallway, the bathroom. All this does not require the use of special deviator switches or additional wiring.

Lighting in “night mode”

Thanks to the “Cyber Home” system, your chosen luminaires can work at night with reduced power, illuminating corridors, stairs, front doors and the driveway. When there is movement within the area, the system automatically switches on the maximum power light to facilitate the switch.
Lighting can be switched on and off at a preset time. In addition, the system can turn on and off any lighting in your home as part of the presence simulation when you are away from home.

All lighting control functions can be performed either by the respective switches or centralized. This is through the “heart” of the “Cyber ​​Home” system – the Touchscreen Display.