Air Conditioning

For true comfort, the “Cyber Home” system allows you to adjust the temperature in your home. The system allows you to control individual zones (rooms, premises) independently of each other. Each zone may have its own weekly temperature control program for heating (winter) and cooling (summer) respectively.

With a built-in central air conditioning system, the system can control the air conditioning valves. A thermostat is placed in each controlled room where the user can set the desired temperature. In turn, the thermostat controls the valves and the fan of the climatic body.
Each thermostat has buttons that allow the user to locally enter the desired temperature, as well as a display showing the current room temperature, desired temperature, operating mode (heating / cooling), fan mode.
For each managed zone, the “Cyber ​​Home” system allows automatic shutdown of the air conditioner when opening an air window. This will save you unnecessary expenses.

All air conditioning control functions can be performed either by the respective thermostats or centralized. This is through the “heart” of the “Cyber Home” system – the Touchscreen Display.