Blinds and curtains

The blinds are an elegant and modern sunscreen. The “Cyber Home” system allows full control over all installed blinds in your home. In addition to standard sun blinds, the Cyber Home system can also control exterior shutters as part of the safety system.



Through the system you get:

  • simultaneously lowering / lifting all blinds / curtains in a room;
  • automatic lifting / lowering for blinds / curtains at given levels of external illumination;
  • Automatically lift / lower blinds / curtains at a specific time of day;
  • saved blind / curtain positions for different scenarios;
  • presence of local control controls;
  • remote control;
  • Automatic lowering of the outside roller shutter when activating the “Exit” scenario;
  • automatic lifting of the outside roller blinds when activating the “Get in” scenario;

Sunshades are an indispensable tool for sun protection on balconies and balconies. The “Cyber Home” system, along with the full opening and closing control of the sunshade, also takes care of its automatic retraction under a strong wind that could damage it. By means of an additional sensor, the wind speed is measured, and if it exceeds a certain value, the system automatically retracts the open sunshade.