Windows and doors

Have you ever happened to forget about an open window when you leave? With the “Cyber H​ome” system, this will not happen. When activating the Exit scenario, the system can check for open windows (through the appropriate sensors) and then take the following actions: warn you about them or automatically close them (if the windows have such a mechanism).

Another advantage of the system is the possibility of automatically switching off the air conditioning in a room if you open the ventilation window, for example.

The system, in addition to the security system, controls the front door of the home. All kinds of electronic locks and locking mechanisms are supported. Door unlocking / locking can be done in several ways: via a contactless chip card, smartphone or tablet, via the touchscreen display.

The system gives you complete control over:

  • the state of the front door – unlocked / locked;
  • if you forgot to lock, you can do this remotely;
  • alerts each attempted unauthorized opening with the wrong code/card;
  • signaling in any attempt to forcibly open/break;
  • a video record of every visitor who called the door;

In addition, the system has a full-range intercom system. Through it, you can check who’s calling the front door from the touch screen, or if you’re not at home – on your smartphone or tablet. The intercom allows the seeker to leave an audio and video message that you can view when you get back.

The system is also applicable to the management of garage doors and central portal doors. Their management is fully automated. The central gateway can be programmed to open at a specific time of day (daytime), then automatically shut down (in the evening). At any time, opening/closing can be controlled both from the touch screen display in the home or other key and remotely via a smartphone or remote control.