Electrical appliances

Thanks to the “Cyber Home” system, you can manage every household electrical appliance. The power management can be reduced to a separate power line or individual contact / appliance.

You will never worry about turning off a device (iron, for example) before leaving. Through a scenario, you can organize the exclusion of all non-critical appliances in your home (such as a refrigerator, freezer) when you go out or go to sleep.


The system allows you to set certain devices to run at a given hour of the day (for example at a night rate) or when the total consumption of the entire dwelling is below a certain level (to prevent overloading of the mains). In addition, you can prioritize each appliance, and when a certain total power consumption value is reached, non-critical appliances (washing machine, boiler) can be temporarily disconnected. After lowering consumption, they are switched on again.

Along with this, the Cyber H​ome system can monitor the electricity, gas and water consumption in your home. On the touchscreen, you can keep track of costs both quantitatively and in value.