Wireless system

The wireless system is suitable for use in dwellings where the electrical installation has already been built but can also be successfully used in new-build dwellings as well as upgrading and upgrading of already built automation systems.

Безжична система

The main advantage of the wireless system is that it is installed without any problems on the existing electrical installation. Conventional switches can be upgraded or completely replaced with wireless ones. Wireless lighting controllers (on / off, dimming) can be installed directly in the distribution boxes, in the luminaire housing or hidden under the suspended ceiling. Table lamps, as well as other electrical appliances, can be controlled via wireless contact adapters.

Wireless switches can be located virtually anywhere – in place of your old conventional or new location you choose. Installation, except screwing, can also be done by gluing on all surfaces – walls, tiles, glass and wood. Thus, in future reorganization or addition of new devices, they can easily be dismantled and moved to a new location.

For your convenience, you can control all devices by remote control, or from a mobile phone or tablet over the Internet.